Dreamz Cake Studio

Privacy Policies

Due to the supply and demand of products (Eggs, Milk, Butter, etc.), prices can fluctuate without notice prior to placing your order throughout the year.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Friday | 10 am – 3 pm est

Saturday 9 am – 12 pm est

All Sales are Final due to the nature of our products.
In the event, there is an emergency and The Cake Florist won’t be able to provide your order for a fully/partially paid order, you will receive a full refund.

Once all payments have been made there are no refunds.

Delivery is available for orders over $300 subtotal only if the time & date is available. The delivery fee will be calculated by delivery address mileage/drive time. After-hour/Closed Day delivery is available at an additional cost for all delivery orders.

Allergy Disclaimer
Please be advised that our products may contain or have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, or gluten.

All payments will be taken via Invoice only (Credit card, Debit card, Apple Pay, After pay)

Orders $500+ In subtotal or 60+ days away can be split into 2 payments. Orders less than $500 subtotal will require full payment at the time of ordering. If you fail to pay the remaining payment by the due date your order will be canceled and filled with another inquiry. All retainers are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Payment must be made within 24 hours after receiving the invoice.

Changes to Invoice after payment has been made:
If you would like to update anything on your invoice for any reason after full payment has been made there is a $5 fee to update and reprint out your invoice. (Example, time change, add-on to order, etc).

What happens if your Invoice is canceled due to not submitting payment within 24 hours after it’s been sent:
If you would like the invoice to be resent to be paid you will have to send us an email with your order number stating that you would like for it to be resent. If the order date & time is fulfilled by another paid invoice you will have to select a new date/time.
There will be a $5 resend fee added to said invoice.

All pickup times start at 10:00 am Eastern time and end at 3:00 pm Eastern time Tuesday- Friday. Saturday pickups start at 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

It is important that you come at the set pickup time that is on your invoice. You can not pick up earlier than your set time unless we notify you that your order is done early and a new time is set for early pickup.

When you arrive for pickup please call/message the number on your invoice and state that you have arrived for pickup, your car color & model/make, as well as your First and last name. Directions can be found on your invoice. If you need any further help with directions give us a call if you get lost.

Late/Missed Pickups :
There is a $35 late fee if you arrive past the 20-minute grace period you are given after your set pickup time. This goes for all orders, please choose a time you can commit to.

The Cake Florist understands that life happens and some events are uncontrollable. Therefore communication is very important! Please respect your time and mine. The Cake Florist is very specific with timing and needs to stay on a specific routine. Each business day is planned around each individual set pickup time that is placed on their invoice.

The late fee will be sent via invoice to your email only.

Tip: Select a time that you can commit to. Type The Cake Florist address in your GPS to know how far you are from the pickup location so you may leave and arrive on time. The address can be found on your invoice as well on Google.com

Cake Orders
Placing your cake order at least 4-6 weeks before the pickup date is best to secure your desired date!

All cakes besides heart cakes will have plastic/wooden cake dowels inside the cake to support the height, structure, and weight of the cake (the dowels are not edible). Our cakes are not made to smash in others’ faces unless it’s a 6-inch heart cake.

Any order with florals (fresh and silk) will be wrapped in Floral tape or on a short skewer to keep your food safe unless food-safe flowers are being used! All metallic sprinkles, Acrylic, and card Stock Toppers are decorative items and are not to be consumed (inedible). Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Colorful foil/metallic finishing spray(s), and disco glitters, are nontoxic decor.

The Cake Florist is not responsible for allergic reactions, ingestion, or any medical conditions or harm resulting from inedible or nontoxic decor pieces. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to advise their recipient that certain decor pieces are inedible/nontoxic. Sole responsibility will be attributed to the customer.

Once you leave with any product, you are accepting it as an approved item. The Cake Florist is not responsible for any damages incurred to the product once it is in your hands, as it is out of our control. 

Please remember that when placing your order form it does not secure your order. This gives us a chance to look and review your order while checking availability, time, and supplies. 

If your order can be fulfilled for the desired day, an email will be sent with an invoice to be paid. All invoices will be sent (to the email provided by the customer).

Inspiration photos will not be replicated via every inch of the picture provided. They are inspirational to help achieve a similar look! I can not recreate another artist’s work from top to bottom. I am uniquely gifted and very creative in my own way and style.

The Cake Florist does not make drug, sexual, violent, or inappropriate related cakes or cupcakes designs. Also, we do not write on cakes using buttercream.

It is important that you are very detailed with your order details. Especially your color scheme down to the shade!

2 Tier cake & $300+ pickup/delivery orders will include a contract that must be signed before an invoice is sent. If the contract isn’t signed you will not receive an invoice for payment.

During your consultation we will go over the color scheme, the vision of your cake design (inspiration), flavors, cake tasting, pricing, toppers, floral, venue, additional dessert options number of guests, contracts, due date/time, and delivery/set up! 
If you miss your call you will receive another call 5 mins from your original time. If that call is missed you will have to rebook your consultation and pay the consultation fee again. This fee does not go towards your purchase and is nonrefundable/transferable. 
All calls will be via phone call. Once payment is complete you can not reschedule the date or time.
Once the session starts please be in a quiet space so that we can communicate effectively.

In the case I am not able to attend the consultation due to any emergencies you will receive a list of available dates and times to choose from to reschedule. 
If you decide to cancel your consultation after completing your booking you will be charged a $5 nonrefundable cancellation fee.

Freestyle Cakes
The client will only get to choose the color scheme, theme & cake flavors. Sevn the cake artist will have 100% full creative control over each item included in each package. That includes the final look & decor. If you are very selective or want creative control this option is not for you. Each package value will be +$50-$100 more than the price quoted.


Any information collected during a Transaction, Email sign-up, or Placing an order form will never be shared nor sold to any third party. Any pictures submitted to The Cake Florist of our products/events can be used for promotional or commercial purposes without notice to said individual and without payment where there isn’t a contact in order before pictures are taken & submitted stating so.

Shippable items
Processing time: 5-8 business days (excludes Sundays & Mondays)
Shipping time: 2 business days

Once your order arrives at the post office we are not responsible for missing or delayed packages. If your package is lost you will need to file a claim with USPS.